MTF EOS Sony F3, FS100, AF101 electronic aperture adapter!

By January 2, 2012 News

Great news!! First of all, a happy new year to you! The year has started and today Mike Tappa from MTF announced, that the first batch of their EOS electronic aperture adapter for Sony F3, FS100 (E-Mount, it also works for the Sony NEX5n…), AF101 (M43 Mount, works also for GH2) is shipping the first and second week this January. I’ve been waiting months for this adapter and tested it at IBC in Amsterdam last year. Thanks to Dan Chang, who interviewed Mike!

This is absolutely necessary for owners of Canon glass, who are using any of these cameras. As you know I own a complete ZEISS ZF.2 set, but also a few great Canon lenses, which I can use with these adapter on my Sony F3.

ZEISS prime lenses are simply perfect and I love the built and image quality, but you have to be fast and flexible shooting a documentary. PL-Mount zooms are quite expensive. I own a Tokina 11-16 mm 2.8 and a Canon 24-70 mm 2.8, but it wasn’t possible using these lenses properly on the Sony F3, FS100 or AF101.

Of course there are a few adapters available, but these adapters don’t have an electronic aperture control, which means, you have to put your lens on your Canon DSLR, set the iris to the correct aperture, put your lens off your Canon DSLR, put your lens on your F3, FS100 or AF101 and finally after doing this long procedure you can start shooting the scene of your documentary. But wait, this takes too much time!!! It’s not the best solution, that’s why I’m so happy that MTF has finally a working adapter for these cameras. Wait, there was another manufacturer: Birger! But, they can’t deliver and I think it’s a flying unicorn.

The MTF electronic aperture adapter costs you 650 pounds for the box and 350 pounds for the adapter. There are three adapters available. The Sony F3 adapter, Sony FS100 (E-Mount) adapter, Panasonic AF101 (M43 adapter). If you own an IS supported lens you can use this feature with the MTF adapter, which is just superb!!! The box needs 4AA batteries, which should last for 20 hours. If you are using an IS supported lens, the battery life lasts less than 20 hours. Hope I’m getting an adapter for review and I can test it with my Canon 100mm 2.8 L IS.

Thanks to my mate Dan Chung, who interviewed Mike Tappa.

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  • andy says:

    with the f3 adapter, do I still have to use the extender? Is there a magnification? Does the aperture stay true on the lens? I have a canon and fuji B4 lens and would love to put them on the f3.

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