Sebastian Wiegärtner is a Director of Photography based in Nuremberg, Germany. As one of the most prominent video DSLR and large sensor experts in Germany, Sebastian shoots feature films, documentaries and commercials. Some of the international brands he has worked for include Adidas, Siemens, ARD, Sony, ZEISS and Wolfgang Joop.

In the past year, Sebastian shot his first prime time feature film. This experience will only solidify his expert status in digital film. Specializing in digital cinema cameras and DSLRs, Sebastian shares his expertise and knowledge of this area through keynotes for some of the biggest brands in the industry, workshops and social media.

A Wiegärtner production guarantees recognition of the content. Commercials provide a unique format for Sebastian’s talents. These productions, from what would be considered normal to more uncommon points of view, showcase his expertise while benefiting the client.

Well-known for his images, recognition of a Wiegärtner shot production comes within the first few frames of the high end, natural shots. The composition of Sebastian’s glossy shots have made his films distinctive. He captures the setting and the people from a point of view that comes with experience, knowledge and passion.

Sebastian Wiegärtner

Camera Digital Cinema

2x RED EPIC 5K (6K Dragon coming 2014)
2x RED Titanium PL-Mount
1x RED DSMC Side Handle
1x REDmote
2x RED Bomb EVF
2x RED Touch 5″ LCD
2x RED +1 Module
1x Wooden Camera V-Mount Adapter Plate
1x Viewfactor Anton Bauer Plate
1x Wooden Camera Bottom and Top-Plate (15mm)
1x Viewfactor Full Metal Jacket Kit (15mm)

Camera S16 Digital

1x Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K (MFT)
1x Viewfactor Cage

Camera HDSLR

1x Nikon D800
1x DENZ DSLR Baseplate

Camera S35 Digital

1x Sony PMW-F3 1080p Digital Cinema Camera
1x S-Log Function
1x KiPro Mini External Recorder
1x Denz Sony PMW-F3 Support Plate


1x Sachtler Cine 7+7 Tripod
1x Sachtler Ace M
1x Manfrotto 504HD Tripod
1x OCONNOR OBOX Mattebox
1x Genus Elite Mattebox
1x Genus Wide Mattebox
1x Denz Mini Follow Focus
1x Panther Twister Dolly Set
1x Kessler Crane Cineslider 3ft
1x Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly 2ft
1x Kessler Crane Pocket Jib Pro
1x Kessler Crane Revolution Head
1x Kessler Crane KC12


ZEISS CP.2 15mm T2.9
ZEISS CP.2 21mm T2.9
ZEISS CP.2 28mm T2.1
ZEISS CP.2 35mm T1.5
ZEISS CP.2 50mm T1.5
ZEISS CP.2 85mm T1.5
ZEISS CP.2 100mm T2.1

ZEISS ZF.2 21mm T2.8
ZEISS ZF.2 35mm T1.4
ZEISS ZF.2 50mm macro T2.0
ZEISS ZF.2 85mm T1.4

Brands I’ve worked for