Letus introduced the Master Cinema Series for HDSLRs

By October 25, 2011 News

Letus, known from their successful 35 mm adapters before the DSLR revolution has begun, has developed a completely new system for HDSLRs. In a strong partnership with Shane Hurbut they are now offering a very interesting and modular system. I recently thought there is no space for an additional manufacturer of rigs and accessories. Letus tried it in the past, for example with their Letus Hawk Viewfinder. Although it didn’t seem to be an huge success, there was no wow effect in the community, it wasn’t something mind blowing, because we already have seen these things from competitors like Zacuto. Though the quality was quite good, I personally own a Letus Hawk Viewfinder, but it wasn’t something spectacular. The optics and the built quality is superb! One of the best viewfinders on the market, but it didn’t blow me away…

Letus introduced the new Letus Master Cinema Series in Los Angeles last week and it looks so good! Of course I haven’t tested the rigs yet, but the first look is quite impressing! Don’t know if the handles are built solid and strong! Looks a bit weird. I hope I get my hands on one of the rigs soon letting you know if it’s worth the money. There are lots of bundles for different jobs available. Letus seems to be on the right way again. As soon as I get a unit I will post you my experience with these new rigs. Until then you can watch the videos from Matt Jeppsen and Tom Guilmette, who attended the launch event in Los Angeles.

Here are the bundles:

Action Cam Bundle – $1,450

Man Cam Bundle – $2,550

Shoulder Cam Bundle – $3,270

Studio Cam Bundle – $4,100

Complete Set Bundle – $6,500

If you are interested in buying the new Letus Master Cinema Series gear, please visit their online shop. The kits are shipping in November.


  • Kelly says:

    A couple comments: lots of people complain about the price of gear, but isn’t it even more costly to buy a cage that’s camera specific? What if you want to use multiple cameras or upgrade to a camera that no longer fits: you have to buy a new cage.

    Secondly it comes down to shooting style. I’ve shot for years on big cameras, what I like about DSLRs is they are light and small, so I buy light and small rigs. If I want a big cinema rig, I’ll use an fs100 or similar. For some these systems will be perfect and I think Shane has a cool perspective on rig designs.

  • Sebastian Wiegärtner says:

    They already working on cages for bigger cameras like the FS100.

  • Tony Segreto says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of hype for this system. I guess there is really no way to know if it will suit my specific needs until I get my hands on one. Dealing with different cage size and accessory compatibility is ALWAYS a hassle. This item does seem a bit overpriced and perhaps a bit too late imo. Depending on what happens with Canon’s and Red’s announcements next week, this system could be totally awesome or totally null.

    Definitely going to see how the shoulder cam bundle works though, as I have still yet to find a DSLR rig that really feels good.

  • GT says:

    I think the best way to look at this system is to look beyond DSLR perspectives. This is not just a rig that gives you support and balance, this is a tool that will change the way you use your cameras, be it a DSLR or a big camera. In the past, even before the DSLR revolution, film makers had have to painstakingly jury-rig their cameras to find balance for the camera and all their accessories. This system will allow you to transform any camera of your choice into a functional unit that works just like a the 35mm Panavision the pros use. Do you think if you were to get a RED camera, you would cease to buy lenses?

    So, my take on this is that if it’s a good system, then it would be worth the investment because I don’t fathom any camera company coming out with a camera furnished with complete support system that allow me to shoot right out of the box.

  • CamManStan says:

    I got to play with one of these the other day. I’ll just say that I will still not be buying anything with the name Letus on it. Shane should have had Arri make his gear.

  • CamManStan,

    I’m sorry to hear this. Mostly because I was happy to sell my Letus Extreme when I did. I would really like this to be well made. I wonder if it is?

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