Majorca HDSLR/AF101 Masterclass w/ Philip Bloom

My Twitter and Facebook followers might have seen it already, but the dedicated website for the Majorca HDSLR/AF101 Masterclass 2011 is now online!

In 2010 Nino Leitner and I had a huge success with our last masterclass. Now we are happy to announce another one this June, this time together with Philip Bloom, again in the beatiful Majorca, Spain.

Philip Bloom, Nino Leitner & me: 3-day-intensive course!

This is not your ordinary DSLR workshop, typically lasting less than a day. This is a full 3-day-intensive Masterclass, teaching you absolutely everything you ever wanted to know or learn about this cameras. It will be VERY hands-on, you will be shooting for a large part of these days, and we will divide the process into theory, lots of practical shooting & post productions. We are working on the exact schedule and are talking to all our attendees to serve their needs and listen to what they want to learn more about. (The limited amount of places – about 25 – allows us to be very flexible and hands-on.)

Apart from gear & cameras, we will be talking a lot about technique as well. In the end, gear is just a tool to enable you to tell a story. The hands-on-shooting section will therefore likely be a practical assignment of a short film or short documentary subject. Details will be announced in the coming weeks & months.

The Masterclass fee includes 3 nights at the beautiful Colonia Sant Jordi Club, including breakfast and dinner. They got the most amazing pool I have ever seen – check out their photo gallery on the website.

A space costs EUR 1.199. For a small additional daily fee, the hotel allows you to bring along somebody else to your room, in case you want to bring your girlfriend or wife to the island as well. (I think girls take our DSLR fanatism much better when they are able to relax on the beach in return ;) ) You are also to stay longer at the hotel to spend some holidays there – for the exact hotel daily rates, drop us an email. We need to check availability individually, as this time of the year is a very popular one.

For all the details & booking options, check out the official website at, and feel free to fire off your questions below, or contact us directly. We’ll be very happy to have you there!

Thanks to our sponsors Kessler CraneCarl ZeissDenzZacutoGenus Products (more to be announced shortly), we will be bringing loads of gear to the Masterclass. Here’s Philip’s own blog post in which he announces the Masterclass.

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