Denz announced PL Support for Panasonic AG AF100

By February 10, 2011 News

I have used products made by Denz a very long time now and I’m always impressed by their perfect quality. For the most of you the brand Denz is unknown, but my friends from Munich are a well known and loved company in the film industry. They won the technical Oscar for their Video Assist in 1996.

Since the HDSLR revolution the guys from munich also offer many good products for DSLR video cameras, including there great Mini Follow Focus, which I don’t want to miss anymore! I will publish a review about their Follow Focus the next couple weeks.

Denz has modified the Canon DSLR’s with a PL-Mount and has a huge success with these modifications. A new year begins and there are also new cameras on the market. Now there is also a Denz PL54-mount with integrated support system available for the Panasonic AG AF 101 / 100. I tested the camera recently, but didn’t have luck with the weather, so I will get it again to achieve better results with it.

The Denz support system includes a mount for 15 mm support rods as well as Hirth-toothed rosettes according to the ARRI/Denz-standard for adjusting handles and accessories. You can mount quite heavy PL lenses with their solution. Other PL-Solutions without support system can have problems with heavy lenses, but these mounts are in a different price range too! With the Denz PL54 support for the Panasonic AG AF 100 / 101 it’s also possible to adjust an optional shoulder rig.

Video about the Denz PL54 Support System for Panasonic AG AF 100/101:

More pictures:


  • Dear Sebastian,

    Hot Rod Cameras builds our products to be compatible with the HEAVIEST PL mount lenses in existence.

    Denz is once again building a product similar to one of my own designs, and of course is looking to be in direct competition with Hot Rod Cameras. Making claims of a deficiency in Hot Rod Cameras products does not make it true. I hope that you will remove the libelous claim from you blog post, and refrain from posting any other untruths about Hot Rod Cameras in the future.

    Your relationship with Denz is well known. Detracting from my products in an attempt to bolster sales of a competing product does not make you look like an impartial fan of a competing product.


    Illya Friedman
    Hot Rod Cameras

    • Sebastian Wiegärtner says:

      Sorry Illya,
      haven’t seen your new AF100 PL-Adapter with support! Looks pretty solid!!


  • Hello

    i need this Pl munt fo AF-101 camera

    do you have it for sell?

  • Josh says:

    Illya Dude,

    I’m researching a PL mount for my AF100. After reading your dickish legal action flavored post above I will not be purchasing anything from your company. I don’t support lawyer fanboys.

    Grow up pal!

  • Paola N. says:

    Dear Josh,

    Sebastian has removed whatever was written so we can’t see it. How do you know what was posted?

    Illya is the creator of what is probably the most respected brands in lens adapters. Calling him a lawyer fanboy is like calling Barak Obama a redneck hayseed. You are the one who needs to grow up. And Illya if you read this, I’ll buy anything with the Hot Rod Cameras name on it. They are the best products on the planet bar none!

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