My big 15,000 twitter follower competition

In a few days I will reach my 15,000th Follower on Twitter. I will celebrate this great moment with many prizes. Thanks to all these great companies, which donated all that amazing gear for my competition! I have decided to create a contest on my Weblog, Facebook and Twitter.

Only make a comment on this blog-entry and write some words, why you want to win this gear!

ikan F3 – Friction Follow Focus
ikan donated a great follow focus! Thank you ikan!

I’ll post more prizes tomorrow!

It’s easy to win our special prize! You only have to publish this tweet on Twitter:

Big Follower Contest by @wiegaertner. Win prizes from @letusdirect @KesslerCrane @ikancorp @redrockmicro @glidetrack

Every tweet will be entered into a random draw in two weeks.

Twitter Prize: Glidetrack SD Shooter

You can win prizes from Kessler Crane, Redrock Micro and Letus Direct on my Facebook Page.

How to win:
1. Like my Facebook Page:

2. More instructions right here on my Facebook Page.

Here are the prizes! Thanks to all companies for donating all that great gear!

Duration of the contest: 14 days!


  • Yael Shulman says:

    The incredible ikan F3 Friction Follow Focus would be vital to my filmmaking production and it’s a tool all cinematographers should have!

  • Alex Leahu says:

    It’s awesome that your about to get 15,000 followers! I love how you took the initiative to add me first. I am a proud follower. Why I’d like to win this gear? This gear will help me with my hobby of film-making while I am still young and on a low budget. I wouldn’t have the money to get some of this great gear.

  • Tom Baurain says:

    Thank you to all the companies who have donated prizes. I would like to win these prizes, simply put, because I lack them. While I recognize the fact that no one tool is the be all, end all that will suddenly make me the best filmmaker ever, I do want to win because I lack what is being offered as prizes.

    More creative options for my shots will be available if I win these filmmaking tools. Mostly I want to win them because of the build quality and reputations of the companies offering prizes. I know the danger of abusing rack focusing, sliders, et cetera but having the tools available would aid me in stories that I would like to tell. Filmmaking is storytelling, and an art. I have many stories yet to tell through my lens, and I would most certainly enjoy the creative options available through any one of these prizes. Thank you.

  • Congrats on 15k followers! Very cool follow focus device from ikan – would love to win it!

  • I don’t have a camera of my own. And currently I don’t have the money to buy one. But winning the Follow Focus would give me a great reason not to give up on it.

  • This amazing Follow Focus
    it’s just what I would need
    to stop the hocus-pocus
    and get my image clear.

    From all that I’ve been testing
    Red Rock, Jag or IDC
    None of them could be compared
    to this one called ikan F3

  • I’d use the gear to jump start my first major video project. it will be epic!!!!!!

    congrats on the 15k!

  • That follow focus would complement my GH2 perfectly! And I love following you on facebook and twitter!

  • I’m shooting my 1st wedding for a good friend for free and could use this for all the ‘shallow depth of field look’ she wants!

  • Could need some Equipment for our “Abi-Film” in March/April 2011. 🙂

  • Mit diesem Follow Fokus würde ich sofort einen Imagefilm über unsere Eisproduktion drehen, inkl. kleinerer Kamerafahrten mit Schärfe/unschärfe und dazu etwas klassische Musik à la Lindt. Fertig ist der Film.

  • Dan Nguyen says:

    I think the idea of a friction follow focus which doesn’t need extra gears around the lens is neat. Something I’d like to use since I don’t have any form of FF yet.

  • Ryan says:

    It’d be great to win one of these useful filmmaking tools! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Ingoman says:

    Daa bei letzten mal nicht geklappt hat;-) hoffe ich diesmal von dem genialen gear was abzubekommen. Brauchen können wir alles! Die Chance werden wohl immer kleiner 😉
    Viel Erfolg und bis bald mal
    Ingoman und Carmen

  • Greg says:

    Congrats on hitting the milestone Sebastian!

    And on the topic of why would I want to win this gear. As a filmstudent who saved 3 years just to afford a canon 7D, I didn’t expect the accessories alone with end up costing more than the camera itself! I’m still paying off my credit card for my tripods and extra lens and even with two jobs I’ve realized theres a LONG road a head for me before I can afford these fancy bits of filmmaking tools. So my only alternative at the moment…kiss ass and pray I’ll get lucky with these raffles!

  • Chad Cowan says:

    “Some words.”

    I want to win this follow focus because I’m tired of shooting epic video with my 5D2 and having it turn out like a cell phone video because I shook the camera while focusing.

  • GPSchnyder says:

    This Follow Focus would perfectly match my 550D and my selfmade EVF 🙂

  • I would also like to win this follow focus simple because I’m lacking of I don’t have it and Ikan product is just the way I like it, simple.

  • Manuel says:

    I just got my Nikon D7000 and now I want to make real films!

  • James Drake says:

    Why do I want to win the gear? Win or lose, rain or shine I’ve discovered over the last 4 years of film school that I have no choice, I must be a filmmaker. It’s an inseperable part of my daily life. New gear is always a fun new step towards the next creative discovery. Best of luck everyone,

  • Phillip Gibb says:

    wow, some really cool stuff there.
    I am out of excuses to give to my wife when buying stuff for my 550D, from now on I gotta win stuff :O but I really need a follow focus and the friction approach is so cool – no more gear fitting to worry about?

  • Ole says:

    Congratulations on reaching the milestone =) Great contest.

  • I’ve just started out using a Canon DSLR. I love the camera and its potential but don’t have the resources to obtain the necessary additional gear. Winning this competition would give me a huge leg up in the world of filmmaking.

  • Lars says:

    Oh GOD I want that follow focus.. =P
    Need one, but all the good ones are WAY expensive! =(

  • Gideon says:

    Nice lightweight follow-focus would work well on my GH2. Thanks for all the DSLR info.

  • […] Sebastian Wiegärtner will be giving away a bunch of gear to celebrate 15K followers on Twitter. I beieve he was one of Philip Bloom’s assistants on The Red Tails movie. Check out his blog for more info. Here is a rip from his site. “In a few days I will reach my 15,000th Follower on Twitter. I will celebrate this great moment with many prizes. Thanks to all these great companies, which donated all that amazing gear for my competition! I have decided to create a contest on my Weblog, Facebook and Twitter.” Tags: Canon DSLR, HD DSLR, hdslr, Sebastian Wiegärtner, twitter giveaway, video dslrGo to forum discussion on this news GS_googleAddAdSenseService("ca-pub-0108639049343253"); GS_googleEnableAllServices(); GA_googleAddSlot("ca-pub-0108639049343253", "News_BOX"); GA_googleFetchAds(); GA_googleFillSlot("News_BOX"); GS_googleAddAdSenseService("ca-pub-0108639049343253"); GS_googleEnableAllServices(); GA_googleAddSlot("ca-pub-0108639049343253", "News_Skyscraper"); GA_googleFetchAds(); GA_googleFillSlot("News_Skyscraper"); Categories […]

  • Roman says:

    Sweet competition! Love how you guys (incl. Bloom, Nino,…) throw some free stuff into the community 🙂 I was looking into the F3 a few times already but always had to put the money elsewhere. I always though time will come haha… I really need the F3 because it’s the only one out there which fits my GH1(3) with the 20mm pancake. I love this combo for run & gun on travels and a FF would give me even more control. Lets hope I’m going to win this now :p
    Hope you get another 15000 followers in 2011, though I’m not a twitter guy 😉

  • Natasha says:

    Its not just about the camera your shooting on, your gear has everything to do with your end product. I would love to win this gear to enhance my cinematic shooting ability.

  • Eiken So says:

    I want to shoot more videos like this one I shot and , and I would really love to have this follow focus to get critical focus and more smooth pull of focus that I could not achieve in these 2 videos. It would allow me to get more great footages to share. Thanks

  • Would be great to win this amazing FollowFocus.
    That one we use at SchoolTV isn´t a goog quality, but we don´t have the Money to buy a better one, so this woult be an option.

    Congrats on 15000 😉

  • Jan says:

    All of these tools are great. I’d like to have this follow focus for shooting a wedding this year. Would make me happy!

  • Cleon says:

    I just need a follow focus to focus easy and precise. The ikan is the most affordable follow focus without additional gears.

  • Nathanael says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, but the reason I would love this follow focus is because I’m a 15 year old film-maker who has literally the BIGGEST passion for film-making and seeing as I make no income and my dad is on the Irish dole, I am without money to buy this type of equipment.

    Thanks Sebastien 🙂

  • Mervyn Yeo says:

    My 5DM2 with a fast lens makes it very difficult to focus quickly and precisely. With this follow focus, it will solve my problem.

  • Please understand (as a cinematographer) when I say this: I really want to be a SMOOTH OPERATOR!

  • albert s says:

    these prizes look great, that red rock shoulder rig would be a great adition to my kit

  • Thanks for giving us this oportunity!
    I’d use the Ikan F3 to get those super crisp focus pulls i’ve always wanted!

  • Name says:

    I love to use follofocuse i am indian and i like to make films and to watch hollywood films i want this gadget so to give a real effect and i can do any thing so please give it to me

  • Daryl vallez says:

    I need a ff but have to spend all my money on getting the 36″ of snow of my roof which is leaking into my house.

  • I didn’t win anything the last Time at your Contest and i still think the Kessler crane would help me take my vids to the next Level.So i Hope i’m luckier this time!:)

  • Hendrik says:

    Who would not want do win such prices? What I would do with it? Try to make good movies… of course. 🙂 So, the solution is easy:

    1. I win
    2. ???
    3. Profit!

  • Hey Sebastian!

    I hope I could win one of these prizes to help me in my film making… I’m a 21 year old student from Finland, and I have been making films for missions organizations in Finland, and in general for churches.. I am hoping that I can use my film making skills, to inspire people to help others and also just to bring awareness to situations going on in the world… I really feel like there is purpose behind my films. Hopefully, you will be able to understand and relate to my passion. Thanks!

  • renlogik says:

    Why should i win??

    Well, because I rock that is why !



  • Fabian says:

    weil ich gerne von einem selbstgebautem follow focus auf was hochwertiges umsteigen will

  • I’m a well enough seasoned social political documentary filmmaker/storyteller who is on her way to becoming a solid one-man-band vigilantly. No doubt my work will again be noticed as I continue to honed my FCP skills and compete the production of the stories that drive me into the public. It’s all about beauty and truth which can discount each other enough to allow a full spectrum of presentation and content – I like that. Any one of the prizes you have listed are on my wish list and would be an aid to my current kit as well as the production value of my film work. I hope this note is what it takes to be added to your draw pot. All the best and thanks, Veronica

  • melinda says:

    Thanks, Sebastian, and all of organizations that have donated their products to help out aspiring filmmakers achieve their goals and dreams.

    It would mean the world to me as an aspiring filmmaker, who centers her work around providing authentic stories about women and their experiences as well as other communities that are often misrepresented in mainstream culture, to win this gear. In a highly competitive, and primarily male dominated field, having this gear will allow me to build and refine my skills as a female cinematographer and to help me stand out from the rest of the pack. As a young and new filmmaker, access to these great products is difficult because although they are constructed with the idea of being affordable, it is hard to budget between this type of gear and immediate necessities such as lenses and cards.

    Ultimately, winning this gear will help me achieve my goal of not just telling powerful stories through film, but also providing provoking and thoughtful imagery to accompany it as well.

  • Name says:

    I recently got into filming with DSLR’s and found that I really need to get a follow focus. I would’ve gotten one by now if I didn’t have to pay for school and books recently. Anyway, I’d love to win it because I can’t afford one right now!

  • LandonP says:

    Great contest, Having this amazing gear would allow me get those shots I’ve been visualizing and help me on my way to making great films with the right equipment.

  • Vlad Litvak says:

    Hey Sebastian,

    Cratulations to your 15,000 Followers. And thank you for giving away such cool things.
    My name is Vlad. I’m 15 years old and from Germany. I love filming, it is my dream to do this in my future. I recently got my Canon 7D and started to film with it. You can imagine that it pretty hard to get money with 15 years. It would be very nice if I could win the ikan F3 so I can get out more of my camera. Thank you 🙂

  • Winning new gear is one of the great inspirations a photographer needs sometimes. You truly are classy for helping a few cameramen out.

  • Being a newbe in the film business, so adding to me small arsenal of gear is much needed. Celebrating your success by giving to others in the same field is an honorable way to give back. Thanks a lot!

  • Pablo Azocar says:

    Follow focus … mmm … tasty!

  • Awesome Contest! I’d love to win this gear because I’m a student filmmaker who is almost done shooting the biggest project of my career (so far), an adaptation of a Frank Herbert story that has been turning out beautifully, but we need to win great equipment like this to help ease some of the rental costs we’ve been facing for renting equipment like this…I’d love to be able to use this sort of stuff again and again on future projects as well! Thanks for the contest, and good luck to everyone who enters!

  • Cole says:

    Well, I’ve wanted a follow focus for a while now, but I could never afford one, so this would be awesome if I won!

  • Jeroen Diks says:

    I got in to HDSLR filmmaking a year ago. I was studying Communication & Multimedia Design and was in my free Minor. You could specialize in anything you wanted to learn. I teamed up with a photographer who wanted to learn about HDSLR filmmaking too. I didn’t know anything about DSLR’s, only been into After Effects and Final Cut Pro, so I had a lot to learn. I put in hours and hours each week for half a year to learn as much as I could. I really enjoyed every aspect of working with HDSLR’s and thanks to the amazing online community I caught up quick! I had some savings in the bank and decided to use it to start my own filmproduction company. I used around €1000,- to get started and got a Canon 550D with Rode Videomic and Tamron 17-50mm lens. I worked hard to get jobs and put every penny I made back in my little company to spent on more and better gear. After my minor I got a amazing gradution internship with a big filmcompany who wanted to invest in HDSLR’s. I got a nice budget to spent and got some really nice stuff like Zeiss lenses, Litepanels etc and made some awesome stuff and learned so much! I have now graduated with a 8/B+ as my final grade for my internship and now working full time for my little company. I’m back to my old gear and don’t have al to fancy stuff I’m now just to work with haha! I have a nice little set-up and jobs are coming more and more and are getting bigger and paying better, but I can still use lots of gear. I’m happy with anything I’ll win, and everything will help me out tremendously! Help me produce the great movies I know I’m capable of doing, but don’t have the right gear for to pull off!

  • The greatest thing an artist can do is to create and share his work with the world. I worked a series of menial jobs for years to afford my 5DmarkII and a couple of nice lenses. I cannot possibly afford a beautiful follow focus like this, but I know that it would make all the difference in my work and help me to create more beautiful images. It would mean the world to me. Life is cinema 🙂

  • I should just because I am The Scott. Isn’t that enough?

  • I’m shooting my final project movie (diary movie about emigration) at the Musrara School of Photography and New Media ( This is one-man movie without any crew or budget, except my family’s one. It’s not that I can’t film without follow-focus, so I definitely wouldn’t buy it or rent – but I’ll be very happy to receive that.

  • i want to win so i can make my films look even better!


  • Words Cannot Explain How Much I Could Use Some Of This Gear, ANY of This Gear. I Am An Up And Coming Young Filmmaker Looking To Make My Mark On/In This Industry. But Lets Face It, DIY Can Only Take You So Far!! The Issue Is, My Eyes Are Wayyy Larger Then My Pockets So Most Of This Gear Is Out Of My Pay Grade…To Win Something In This Contest Would Be Like That One Christmas That We All Remember As A Child ALL OVER AGAIN!!! PLEASEEEE PICK ME!! PLEASSSEEE!!! Yea, I Just Begged, SMH…Oh Well. It’s That Serious. Thanks!!

  • Working with a severely limited budget is tough. Prizes like these will help me get the kit I would try buy if I didn’t have to keep repairing my car!

  • Zack Birlew says:

    Ever since I started making films in high school, I’ve been a simple camera and tripod filmmaker, maximizing what little I had to make some truly great films. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had a follow focus or the ability to do dolly shots and how many hours I’ve spent coming up with DIY solutions and experiments. DSLR cinematography has only heightened this need and I’d like to step up my game gear-wise and I would be lucky to have any of the prizes offered through your various contests. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I really would like to win some gear, because it would allow me to shoot some fantastic footage, and get me something I would otherwise not be able to achieve. I have also recently suffered from pain in my palm due to prolonged focus pulling on the lens barrel, so a follow focus would be fantastic! Cheers for giving back dude.

  • U. says:

    Gabi hat gesagt, ich soll das Zeug gefälligst gewinnen, sonst setzt es was. Ich habe Angst

  • I would really appreciate this gear because although I have shot and edited video for years, I have always used other peoples gear.

    A year ago last december I lost my job, and have been laid off ever since. In the middle of last year however, I decided even in the wake of economic hardship, to risk everything and cash in my retirement package and dive head first into buying all my own DSLR film making gear. While I haven’t got everything I want yet, I am whole heartily staying positive in believing that I did the right thing. I haven’t earned enough to pay back what I spent yet, but hope to in the next year or two.

    This gear would be an awesome addition to help me make even more professional quality work.

    Marshall b.

  • Nathan says:

    winning this would really open up even more creative options for me to explore!!

  • Paul says:

    Hi. Erstmal finde ich es super, dass du sowas machst, weil du Leuten, die wie ich sich solches Equipment nicht leisten können eine chance gibt trotzdem daran zu kommen. Das Geld, dass ich gespart habe ist für die 550D, Objektiv und Stativ draufgegangen und es sieht nicht so aus, dass ich nächster Zeit Geld für Gear aufbringen werde. Ich bin 19 Jahre alt und mache seit 7 Jahren Filme. Mein größter Traum wäre es später profisionell Filme machen zu können, vielleicht Regie/Kamera studieren oder anders in die Industrie kommen und ein wesentlicher Teil dazu ist ein ordentliches Reel auf die Beine zu stellen und mit gutem equimpent lassen sich dann doch noch einige shots machen, die ohne nicht möglich wären. Zwar habe ich schon einige sachen selbst gebau, aber mitprofissionelem Gear können die nunmal nicht mithalten. Ich hoffe du liest diesen Eintrag und hilfst einem heranwachsendem Schüler dabei seinen Traum zu erfüllen.

  • Ehud Furman says:

    This is such an exciting Twitter contest and is such a great idea. I’m sure you’ll find this article interesting about hwo to improve your online reputation and run Twitter contests. Thanks so much for letting us know about yours!!

  • I want to win, in order to get past more of the challenges of being a HDSLR shooter. And to make me look good while the camera rolls.

  • Michael says:

    Sebastian, thanks so much for doing this competition. Having access to these sorts of tools would enable me to broaden the number of shots that I can easily accomplish for business and personal projects alike. Everyone is growing in their craft, and these tools would can help make good shots turn into marvelous shots.

    Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit,

  • Bart says:

    I am a starting amateur filmmaker and the follow focus would contribute a whole lot to my overall filming abilities =) I hope so much I finally win something.

  • mastersson says:

    Amateur HDSLRer who ,after visiting this wonderful site, has discovered another purpose to the meaning of a great shot!

  • mimi says:

    I’m heading to Chile in a couple of months (April2011) for the first in series of trips to shoot a documentary that begins there. Documentary about “Ending world hunger one country at a time”
    I’m gathering the most basic equipment I’ll need to be able to accomplish the task ahead and the follow focus is one my priorities..I would be sooooo happy and thankful if I was able to have one like the one you are giving away to take with film would look so much nicer… Thank you for the opportunity Sebastian!

  • Imagine the possibilities.

  • Great contest guys, very generous, thanks a million. I’d love to win some gear to really add some workability and production value to my filmmaking. Thanks again.

  • I want to win something from your list for my canon 550D! 🙂

  • Im loving the simplicity of the ikan follow focus, and the yellow colouring will be a great help in low lught situation!

  • I’m a student filmmaker about to make the big leap into my Senior Thesis project. This project will not only be the pinnacle of everything I’ve created as a student, but will be the jumpstart for my career in the entertainment industry and, if I execute it properly, possibly the beginning of a new wave of business and entertainment models for the world at large.

    To pull that project off, I need the best gear I can get. I own a 60D and some prime lenses, but I would be honored, thankful, and humbled if I could win any of the gear this contest has to offer.

  • Sebbe says:

    No gear, no practice – no practice, no improvement.
    Just started using movie function of my 5dmk2 and it’s so hard without any gear as ff,rods,tripod,rig, so every decent peace of gear would be highly appreciated to improve not just my skills, but also my fun level, cause that’s what it’s supposed to be; a fun thing to do for you.

    Also same home country (DE) and same name should be highly considered.

    Viele Grüße aus den Staaten, wo ich noch ein halbes Jahr bin!

  • seb2436 says:

    Wanna try to make some films and looking for some gear to have better results – win something here would be helpful 🙂

  • Dave B says:

    I have agreed to donate my time to produce a video for a project for my city’s Community Emergency Response Training, CERT, program. This program teaches citizen volunteers how to respond immediately to disasters and provide assistance in such things as search and rescue, extrication, triage, CPR and other life saving techniques. Ultimately, the video would be available nation-wide and, indeed, world-wide on the Internet. The program is looking to me to produce a how-to video on cribbing – the technique used to free a person or persons trapped under heavy objects. There are some challenges in creating the video which is why there are few cribbing how-to videos available anywhere. It will require several shots at ground level and where there is little working space much less the possibility of using a tripod. I will need to move the camera to shoot different positions under simulated debris and rubble where I can’t actually be behind the camera. A slider would be a perfect bit of gear to get those shots.


    David Burckhard

  • New gear helps open doors to any film maker and whats being offered here is no exception. I would love a follow focus for my 5D Mark II. Thanks Sebastian for offering amazing gear from Ikan and other companies, and for creating a very helpful blog!

  • ikan not live wihout it any more!

  • Sean mcleod says:

    The reason I want to win is because I like my focus to be followed!

  • Robert A says:

    The yellow of the Ikan will really colour up my rig.
    plus it will take my productions to the next level.

  • Joshua says:

    Would love this to simply improve my workflow

  • Im 26 and i live in my parents basement. I survive on the few and far between video jobs I get. I have been saving up to shoot my movie and still can’t afford any of these amazing pieces. These would be a godsend to have.

    It’s so cool of you to give this stuff away – congo rats to the winners 😀
    Either way, cheers to your generosity!

  • Just want that winning feeling, epecially for something smooth sleek and ready to perform. Oh, nice follow focus too!

  • I really really need a follow focus. really. 🙂

  • Stefan says:

    Thank you for this great competition and I hope I will win one of this famous products to optimize my DSLR stuff. I need “everything” 😉

  • It’s all about art. I’m obsessed with creating stories that make you smile and cry, with life, vibrancy and emotion. Amazing creations like follow focus help me focus more on creating the art, and not losing it to frustration over what I can and can’t do.

  • Firstly, thanks for having this competition so that some of us would have the opportunity to expand on their film-making abilities!
    Having started with nothing, I have gained much of my knowledge and ideas from the internet on film-making from websites such as this and following people online. As a student who’s still in high school, I have come a long way to getting myself involved with many different projects – from someone who watched videos and films for entertainment to saving up and purchasing a DSLR, lenses and other basic equipment, and shooting videos almost every week with a group of friends at school and families. I think any of these prizes would be great in order to aid in getting better looking shots for upcoming projects.

  • Matthew says:

    With new gear I’d further my goal of making my films look less like low budget 50s sci-fi and more like 60s low budget sci-fi. I like to take it one decade at a time.

  • Danilo says:

    Sebastian, i would be happy about the follow focus – Why? Because it would be my first gear for DSLR Shooting beside my camera 😉

  • febrina says:

    come one follow me…..nothing to lose:) @febrinapuspt !!! i always love you guys:* . don’t forget follow yaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waleed says:

    I would like to win this gear cause i’m in a bad financial situation and trying to make a movie about what we are going through in my country in terms of social injustice, mental slavery, persecution of sexual gender differences and corruption.
    Anyway it felt good just writing those words hehe, thx

  • jhony says:

    Follow me @obeysoccer instagram @obeysoccer

  • Denis says:

    great products and the competition!

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