You decide: Which situations do you want to see in my Panasonic AG AF 101/100 short film?

I will get the Panasonic AG AF 101/100 camcorder for three days next month. Panasonic will give it to me as loan unit and I hope to shoot some great footage with it. I have some Zeiss CP.2’s for the shoot.

Here you can see some footage of the new Panasonic AG AF 101/100:

My question to you: Which situations do you want to see in my short film? Low light, moving objects, sport…So many situations, but don’t know if I can film all that stuff in three days! Please help me and vote which things you want to see! If you want something which isn’t listed on the poll you can write a comment! Thanks! 😉

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  • Bill Paterson says:

    Both of these videos are great,but the Philip Bloom piece contained elements that I wouldn’t mind seeing (the low light,motion,depth of field)when the camera gets to you.Do what you can with the equipment in the time that you have it on loan.I will be looking forward to having a look at the results.

  • James says:

    Whatever you can do to break down the 24mbps AVCHD codec. That’s what I’m most interested in. Is it close to XDCAM 35, better than 44mbps h.264 on Canon? Is there detail in the shadows? Can it be easily graded and to what extent?

    I think these are the questions burning in the minds of prospective DSLR converts.

    We’ve seen the improved aliasing, the 60p, some low light, but we haven’t seen the faults (or benefits) yet of the workflow.


  • I’d like to see a shot that would be impossible to do on a 5d Mark II, like rolling shutter/fast action issues.

  • I’d like to see you test it’s high contrast situation capabilities. Will it be able to handle blown out highlights and crushed shadows at all? Will it be fixable in the slightest in post?

    Seeing a comparison side-by-side with ungraded and graded footage would be great, too. Seeing how well the codec holds up to heavy color treatment.

  • Simon Höfer says:

    Check out this great AF100 video:


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