How to fix rolling shutter in Apple’s iMovie 11

My friend Nino Leitner has found a very impressive solution how to fix the rolling shutter issue. The new version of the consumer editing software iMovie 11 is the key to solve the well known problem, which has nearly every CMOS digital camera.

Apple introduced iMovie 11 at the “Back to the Mac” event a few weeks ago. It has many improvements, and is a good editing software, if you are an amateur. The only downside is, it does not work within Final Cut Pro and the bit rate of your original Pro Res 422 file is lost, if you import it into iMovie 11. But, it works really well and shows what is possible with iMovie 11. It would be great to see this and more features in Final Cut Pro!

A short test by my friend Nino:

Here is a great tutorial by Philip Bloom:


  • Um… so this is Philip Bloom’s tutorial. Not your’s. It’s rather easy to embed someone else’s video to draw hits to your site. Just saying Sebastian. Seems to be the style of a lot of your posts. Respectfully, James.

  • Sebastian Wiegärtner says:

    @James: This is not Philip’s tutorial, this is a tutorial by my friend Nino Leitner! Don’t know if you read the first line of my article, where I link to Nino’s site!

  • I read the whole ‘article.’ All two paragraphs of it. I then watched the 17 second test video by Nino. Then the 2 minute 49 second tutorial by Philip Bloom. My point remains. A great deal of your site is simply other people’s content. I don’t mean any offense by it, it just feels a little cheap to embed someone else’s work just to add another page to your site. James

  • Shawn Hall says:

    I see nothing wrong with Sebastian sharing something his friend found, ESPECIALLY since he gives him credit in the first sentence.

    Some people may follow Sebastian’s blog more closely than Nino’s or Philip’s, and this may be their only way to resolve a problem they are having.

    Being deconstructive never really got anyone anywhere.

  • Andrew Reid says:

    Geez give the guy some credit James. I guess you missed the hard work which went into Seb’s HDSLR meet-ups like this ?

    What’s your contribution to the community?

  • James, did you read the part “Big thanks to Nino Leitner who pointed this out to me” at ?

  • He gave credit to Nino and Philip, and that should be enough. And I’m sure there are some Sebastian’s followers who don’t follow Nino or Philip on a day to day basis. That’s the 90% world of blogging, unoriginal content being shared to different communities.

  • T.King says:

    Jeez James, does it matter?
    He gives the appropriate credit and passes on very useful information.

  • Get a life James, why don’t you spend some time creating something. Sebastian is providing us with information that makes us all better at our craft. He gives the due credits in the beginning of the piece.

    Start your own blog..

  • totally agree to what James said here… he’s right… your mostly just reposting stuff you red somewhere else to get some hits on your site… same refers to your buddy Nino.

    all you say is “oh I will test this and that” or “I had a nice time at a workshop” … or refer to yourself as an “Master” … damn… that is so over the top my friend.

    really… keep cool, post your vids show some creativity … people are not interested in your marketing strategies.

    the filmmaker

  • This practice is called, “reblogging.” It has been done here impeccably, so that it benefits its sources, by linking to them — thereby adding weight to the online “reputation” of its sources.

    Most websites earnestly desire this kind of reference.

    Honi soit qui mal y pense!

  • Tom Dobbie says:

    James,I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment.I have always found both Nino & Sebastians sites to be both original and helpful,and where they have drawn on the work of others,it has been fully acknowledged. Tom.

  • Who cares who made the tutorial – I heard it here first – thanks for bringing this to my attention Sebastian.

  • VladBox says:

    Great post and I am reblogging.

  • Nino Leitner says:


    I get your point, but you are wrong here. There’s no problem with reblogging stuff as long as the original source is quoted. If me or Philip wanted to keep our Vimeo tutorials or demo shots to our own blogs, we could do just that – Vimeo gives us that option. But we decided not to do that, because we know that this will be of much help to other readers and viewers that don’t necessarily follow us.

    This is 100% legit. Look at what more formal “journalistic” websites are doing all the time: Sometimes you read an article in one magazine or on one news site, and suddenly it’s literally EVERYWHERE – and quite often, even these outlets “forget” to quote the source. Sebastian didn’t forget it.

    Does he gain traffic from it? Yes. Does he claim he found this? No. Do I or Philip Bloom benefit from Sebastian’s post? Yes. That might surprise you, but if you really want to look at reblogging as an ego trip, it does indeed benefit our page ranks in Google and other sites, because Sebastian links to our blogs in his “reblog” blog post.

    James: relax. It’s all good.


  • Samisin says:

    James, The Filmmaker: I don’t know if you guys use Twitter, but if you do I guess the RT must make you furious.

    And don’t you have something better to do than whining in someone’s blog; like filming?

  • Well, he’s just saying his opinion, he is not hating you. Contribution can also be made in a critical way, and he does it politely. No need to call for supporters on facebook, Sebastian, as a site admin you should be confident to deal with it.
    Some people seem to think that “Yes and amen” is the only right way to contribute and to speak out.
    As a site owner you’re inviting people to share their thoughts, calling someone a hater just because you don’t like his thoughts has a dictatorial touch to it.

  • Respectfully being the key word here. Appreciate your thoughts Tom.

  • Preston kanak says:

    James and “the filmmaker”,

    How did the two of you find this site? What was your motivation for visiting and then writing slanderous comments on Sebastian’s site? For one, Sebastian has posted his work for others to see and critique. He also successfully posts information that helps educate others — using social media SUCCESSFULLY. James and “the filmmaker”, I would love to see the two of you contribute in a positive way verses attacking others for doing what others only hope to.

    Thanks for everything you have contributed so far Sebastian!

  • Either way, thanks for posting. As a wise man once said “People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?”

    • Sebastian Wiegärtner says:

      By the way: In future I will not approve any comment written with an anonymous name and a not valid email.

  • Sebastian Wiegärtner says:

    sorry for saying there are haters on my blog. they only don’t like the way of blogging, sharing stuff. but that’s social media and the key of the success of the hdslr community.

  • The posts above already explain why reblogging is legit, and even useful to the sites being reblogged. What is more, we do not pay Sebastian to create tutorials and put them online for us (neither is Nino or Philip). It is nice if they do, but ok if they don’t. I’m sure they all can be hired to give you a personal training if you want.

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