Panasonic AG AF 100 footage with Carl Zeiss Ultra Primes

More and more videos of the new Panasonic AG AF 100 are appearing on the web. Today I found an interesting video of the new Panny, shot with Carl Zeiss Ultra Primes.

I had a first look on the new Panny at Photokina, but my first impression wasn’t so good. I love the magnesium body of my DSLR, the Panasonic AG AF 100 Camcorder is a plastic bomber. But I have to say, the images out of it are amazing. Now should we buy an HDSLR or the new Panasonic camcorder? Good question and we should try to find an answer, for which work we are using the camera. I think no one of both will die in the future, the market will only be divided. The form factor of the HDSLR are still the best argument, but the inputs and outputs (XLR, HDSDI) of the Panasonic AG AF 100 are quite important for professional use.

Here are some notes from on Vimeo:

The camera is capable of 35mm lenses, so we used a PL adapter and Zeiss Ultra Primes , choosing from our set as we saw fit on the day. We chose to record on the on-board SD cards with the AVCHD codec at 24 mbs but we also opted to use the HDSDI output, recording at 100 mbs on the AVC Intra HD codec to P2 cards. We opted to do this rather than recording to Nanoflash simply to keep it all Panasonic native.

We chose this work-flow as we simply wanted to see this camera in the very best light possible.

We also had a sound recordist on location who used a dual channel radio link to the camera via its standard XLR inputs.

This is a prototype, so there were some technical issues, Panasonic assured us that it would be rectified in the production model. Our test scenes had to be limited to indoor locations as a consequence. It was a temperature related issue.

This footage is edited from the 100mbs files, ingested and edited natively mainly because it was easy. This footage was not graded, altered or manipulated, straight off the files and exported to Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. In fact we even used the natural sound rather than using music so that you can evaluated the footage for yourself.


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