BTS: Paris Fashion Week for Wolfgang Joop

Last week I was in Paris. Director Frank Suffert booked me for a job for Wolfgang Joop at Paris Fashion Week. It was very interesting to see how such a show works. After the job was done I organized an HDSLR Meetup at the Louvre in Paris. Thanks to all for coming! They helped me out at my night shoot in Paris and two of them filmed me working. Thank you so much! You have to watch the videos. By the way: I’m not a smoker, sometimes I smoke a cigarette, but not every day, only one time in a month. 😉

Paris HDSLR Meetup 12 Oct. 2010 from Michel Luczak.

My two days at Paris Fashion Week:

HDSLR Meetup in Paris:


  • Serge says:

    This was the 1st time i wear a shirt in my life ! i don’t recognize myself 😉
    Nice film editing from Alexandre Fernandez and Michel too.
    Amazing that Joop and Tokyo hotel was there too!
    We should keep contact and organize another one.
    It was too short but fun.
    C U

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  • The sachtler ace has less friction points than the 504hd, so is the panning less controlled and smooth on the sachtler ace?

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