Short-Film: TUMULUS

Finally it’s online. My very first narrative short film. I’m not able to write an extensive blog post right now, because I’m fighting against the jetlag in my hotel room in Las Vegas. This short film was shot with the new Carl Zeiss Compact Primes CP.2 Super Speed lenses! We shot the whole piece in three days with only three lenses: The 35mm 1.5, 50mm 1.5 and the 85mm 1.5. Hope you enjoy it, I also added a very long and hopefully interesting making of video!


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  • Heyo Sebastian!! This is Brook here, you taught and inspired me with your experience and wonderful videos @ The Filmmaking Master Class in Las Vegas a few weeks back! Thanks for all the tips and tricks you showed us, you’ve definitely inspired me to keep on cultivating creative magic and producing videos!!

    Wow what an amazing short you put together here. And with only a weeks worth of pre-production! Wow!! It totally reminds me of Lord of the Rings, but with a great twist at the end. Loved the visuals, the lighting, the sets, and the camera style… very cinematic and immersive!

    I really digged the into scene with the rotoscoped animation… if you ever did it again a cool idea that came to mind would be to cut from the animation to the guy’s head, just as you did… but instead of cutting directly to the live action… fade in from a rotoscope of the guy’s head into the live action of the guy’s head. It would make it a less of an abrupt transition from the dream world to the waking world I feel. My only other piece of advice I’d give if you ever made a director’s cut of this would be to include more shots of the enemy girl and how she attacks… it seemed a bit to sound reliant rather than visual. I see why you did that in order to surprise the viewer at the end, but it would be cool to get more involved with that particular character and understand what she does, how she converts them to turning and killing each other, and why she does it.

    All things considered, that was a great short film to watch! I look forward to the future short films you create which get to expose your creativity even moreso. Peace out & 1luv 😀

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