Canon C300 C-Log and Sony F3 S-Log comparison

December 15, 2011


I’ve just got the Canon C300 for one week and I want to share my thoughts with you. Lots of people asked me if I can do a comparison between Canon C300 C-Log Picture Profile and Sony F3 S-Log.

First of all, the Canon C300 is an impressive camera, I really like the form factor. My first thoughts: Wow! Feels like a DSLR, small, compact, you can still use all your gear you’ve bought for your DSLR. That’s cool.

There is a cool frame grab for you, which shows you the difference between S-Log and C-Log. I’ve uploaded a Tiff-Version (I recommend downloading this one, because it has no compression) and a JPEG-Version. Would love hearing your thoughts on my blog, Twitter and Facebook! I used my KiPro Mini for uncompressed external recording. The Sony F3 was set to 0db, ProRes HQ 10-bit, 5600K, S-Log, the C300 0db, ProRes HQ 8-bit, 5600K, C-Log. I mounted Zeiss glass on both cameras. On the C300 the Zeiss ZF.2 85mm 1.4, on the F3 the Zeiss CP.1 85mm 1.5. Both lenses have the same optics!!

There is a difference between Sony F3 S-Log and Canon C300 C-Log. S-Log has much more picture information compared the the C300 frame. Of course S-Log is an add-on and is quite expensive! You don’t need an external recorder using S-Log, but then you only have only 4:2:0. I’m always using an external recorder for my jobs, because it saves me so much time in post production, so I don’t care. No more transcoding, I can start editing directly. And: Uncompressed files, which is on the one side cool, on the other side uncompressed also means, that you have to buy more hard drives etc…!

I can’t recommend any of these cameras for you, it’s your decision! It depends what you personally need. I like the form factor of the C300, wow, just perfect. But I also like the superb image out of my Sony F3 with S-Log and the ability shooting 4:4:4 1080p with 60 frames per seconds. You can get a Sony F3 with S-Log for € 13,900 in Europe (without external recorder – full set incl. KiPro recorder costs you € 14,400), of course more expensive than the C300, but you can upgrade later if you need 4:4:4 or S-Log for a project. Personally I want to own both of these great cameras! :-)

I’ll update this blog post the following days with frame grabs and a short comparison video (Canon 7D Technicolor CineStyle, Canon C300 C-Log, Sony F3 S-Log).

Low light test Sony F3 AbelCine Range, S-Log; Canon C300 C-Log; Canon 7D Technicolor Cinestyle.

Please, don’t judge the picture quality, it’s absolutely compressed (H264). C300 and Sony F3 has a nice grain in the blacks. Can’t upload the raw files, because I don’t have the permission.

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20 Responses to “Canon C300 C-Log and Sony F3 S-Log comparison”

  1. Tony Reale says:

    Didn’t know the F3 supported 1080p 60fps. Thought it was limited to 720p in 60.

  2. Might be a silly question, but is the point of the s-log to “expand” the color space for post work similar to the Technicolor for dslrs?

  3. Salomon says:

    Nice Comparison! So I’d to have the F3 but it’s over my budget, so I heard that the Sony NEX-FS100 has the Same Sensor like the F3. So I would be so happy if I could have a Comparison Test like this one with the NEX-FS100. But only if it’s possible for you 😉

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  7. yellow says:

    Could you possibly provide a couple of native clips from a test shoot between the 7D with Cinestyle and the C300?

    I read above you don’t have permission to upload native clips for the one shown currently but as you own the C300 could another test be done.

  8. did you use any LUT or CC on the comparison video?
    nice review

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  10. john hession says:

    All this shows is that my 5D martk II with a beach tek audio input kicks butt. I have a redrock rig that makes the 5D handle like an Arri and it shoots as well as any of these cameras for 1/10th the cost. Lets compare them against the Epic.

  11. Raphael says:

    thats bizarre, you mention 4:4:4 for the Sony but the Ki Pro doesn’t record 4.4.4, only 4.2.2, if you want full res. with S-log 10 bit you need something like a Gemini which costs a brick

    • Sebastian Wiegärtner says:

      you don’t need a gemini for s-log. you can record in s-log onto your sxs cards or to your kipro mini w/ 10-bit 422.

  12. C-log still retained the contrast a little bit, so perhaps in my opinion, there’s headroom for more shadow dynamic range? less contrast s-log exhibit more noise that more contrast c-log, btw.

  13. Here in the Netherlands I cannot find anything close to € 13,900 for the F3 with S-log. Where did you find this price?

  14. Raphael says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    thank you for your reply.
    Is there a big difference between recording in 444 or 422?

    I found the quality of the Sony with S log quite a bit more convincing than the Canon…

  15. Hans says:

    Sebastian, Thanks a lot for this comparison.

    There’s just one little question I have, you write: [ I like the form factor of the C300, wow, what a bummer. ]

    However in my understanding this contradicts quite a bit. A bummer is not a very positive thing. However from what I read in the rest of your review is that you’r quite happy with the gear, right?

  16. A. Siegel says:

    Hey! If you would like to see the trailer for a film shot completely on the Sony F3 with hardly any lights check out:

  17. Jef Huey says:

    I note that you say say you record “Uncompressed” but only mention ProResHQ. That is definitely a compressed codec. Was this just a typo?


  18. Phillip says:

    Anyone have a picture profile for the C100 that would help it to match better with F3s S-log? I’ve tried matching the two using the C100s c-log but haven’t had much luck.

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