Short-Film: Paris Fashion Week

January 13, 2011

Finally I’m allowed to publish a short film about my work for Wolfgang Joop and Galeria Kaufhof during the Paris Fashion Week! It was such a great experience to work in the fashion industry. Thanks to Frank Suffert, Producer and Director of the whole project. It’s always great to work with you!

Director / Producer / DP:
Frank Suffert

Director of Photography / Editor / Colourist:
Sebastian Wiegärtner,

Shot w/ Canon 5D Mark II and Denz Canon 7D w/ PL-Mount

ZEISS CP.2 35 mm
ZEISS CP.2 50 mm
ZEISS CP.2 85 mm

Manfrotto 504HD w/ 546GBK legs
Kessler Pocket Dolly Traveller 2.0
Genus Elite Mattebox
Schneider Optics 4×4 ND-Filters
Denz Support System w/ Carbon Rods
Denz Mini Follow Focus

Here you can find more BTS stuff with loads of photos and videos!

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6 Responses to “Short-Film: Paris Fashion Week”

  1. Elisa says:

    It´s an impressive and fantastic short film of authenticity.

  2. I’m assuming it’s the same 504hd head that you used on your chocolate video ( which was delicatble by the way). Do you share philips same interest in the new sachtler ACE? Perhaps exclusively as a more portable solution?

    Sincerest respect,

  3. Hi Kenny,

    the Sachtler ACE is a great tripod! I’ve tested a pre production model and it’s the best tripod you can get for the money!


  4. Hey,

    I definetly find the size appealing because I’m so small. But I’m willing to endure the misery of my 504/546 combo for the sake of Sebastian Wiegartner precision. Is the fluid head on the sachtler any smoother?

    Be careful on that mountain, I almost cracked my 11-16mm on one in nor Cali.

  5. Philip Hull says:

    Hi Sebastian

    I really like your films.

    I help to run a film club in the Uk. Can I have your permission to show some of your films to our members.

    Kind Regards

    Philip Hull

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