Web-Video: Schloss Thurn

By September 16, 2010Films

This is a film for the new event website of “Schloss Thurn”, which should show all locations of this beautiful place. You can celebrate your wedding, party, corporate event there. It can be watched on their upcoming corporate website.

Here you can watch the film on their new corporate website. I’m not only a filmmaker, I’m also a designer and marketing guy. This was my latest project. www.schloss-thurn-events.de

Shot w/ Canon 7D.

Zeiss CP.2 50 mm
Zeiss CP.2 85 mm
Tokina 11-16 mm
Sigma 30 mm

Glidetrack HD
I recently bought the Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly and I’m loving it! Super smooth and now I only need one try to get my perfect shot!

I graded all timelapses in Lightroom. Love this tool!

Roger Subirana Mata – Island of light

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  • David Mudre says:

    Wonderfully filmed and edited! This is a really brilliant promotional piece.
    How did you go about grading in Lightroom if I may inquire?

    Keep up the great work!

    David Mudre
    Mudre Photography

  • Carl Olson says:

    Sebastian, what a beautiful film! I’m sure the the people of Schloss Thurn are proud of this. You mention that you graded your timelapses in Lightroom. That would be a great blog article.

  • Roger says:

    Hallo Sebastian. ich weiss jetzt nicht ob es an MB Colorista liegt oder aber an den CP. Der Filmlook kommt für gewaltig rüber. Film total! Speziell bei den Szenen in der Kirche ist mir das aufgefallen. Great Style

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