Commercial: Knights’ Tournament

Commercial: Schloss Thurn Knights’ Tournament from Sebastian Wiegärtner on Vimeo.

20 second commercial for one of the biggest Knights’ Tournament (Schloss Thurn) in Germany. Shot entirely with Canon 7D and Canon 550D.

Thanks to Andrew Kramer from Videocopilot for the great tutorials and Videocopilot Proscores.

Used lenses:
Zeiss Pentacon Prime Set
Sigma 24-70 mm 2.8
Sigma 30 mm 1.4

Used Equipment:
ABA Crane 5 Meter (can’t recommend it, not very stable)
Denz Mini Follow Focus
Denz Support System w/ Carbon Rods
Sachtler Tripod
Velbon DV 7000
Manfrotto 501 HDV Head

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  • booooring.. really… we’ve seen you doing better than that

  • Hendrik says:

    Did you jut edit that? Or did you actually film it? Asking because we actually know you as the closeup-king, that would really be better in this matter. The wide shots have a tendency to be… boring. And the ending is totally static.

    But, we don’t know the given budget, so that is hard to tell…

    Bewegt mich zumindest jetzt nicht da hin zu gehen…

  • Sebastian Wiegärtner says:

    Hey guys,
    I don’t like too many wide shots, but it’s hard to get focus on moving objects and open aperture in low light situations (Aperture 1.4-2.8 – ISO 1.600). This was very difficult and I wasn’t able to be very close at the actors and horses. I’m editing a longer version right now and will publish it soon. I shot many footage of the crowd and have some nice closeups on my hard-drives.

    This version only will be distributed on broadcast. The longer version will be online on my weblog soon.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Robb Edge says:

    I liked it, very nice editing at the end, how it got faster drawing you in(want to see a lot more now).
    Must starting looking more at dSLR movies and trying more on my GF1. The iPhone is fun for shooting just need the Zacuto Z-Grip pro for iphone 4.

  • Patryk Kizny says:

    Great work Sebastian! Short but pleasing.
    I like opening closeup shots and editing. However I don’t like crossfading edits on the beginning. Shooting fire is always an issue with DSLRs – hard to get the well exposed darks and not blown highlights. Keep up the good work my friend!

  • Tim says:

    Nice Sebastian. Where did you get a hold of the Zeiss collection, those are some pricy lenses! What was your budget? What focus extender do you use?

  • Jesus this has some terrible feedback. People commenting are obviously “weekend filmmakers” as critiquing wide angles. It’s a commercial! You need establishing shots to tell the story and show people where we are. If you are into close up only for storytelling why not go watch some pointless vimeo test films. Don’t listen to them Seb. Coming from an actual professional

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