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3 Responses to “Short Film: Bamberg”

  1. […] the scenes of the shoot in Bamberg. You can find the short film about the old frankonian town Bamberg right […]

  2. […] – Canon 7D von Sebastian Wiegärtner auf Vimeo.Hintergrundinfos zum Entstehen des Videos finden Sie hier. Von admin, 17. August 2010, 15:53 Uhr Kommentieren Kommentiere den Artikel oder […]

  3. Diesel says:

    This short film is EPIC. Still waiting for someone to mask the ground and make it “regular speed” while the sky moves quickly. Secondly, would have liked to see more slow motion with this slow paced music.

    Great job, as usual, man!

    -Diesel Pfingsten

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